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Cable Railing – Residential

ILEX Construction asked Cville Materials to help them design and install an all-stainless steel cable railing system with an Ipe wood handrail that would beautify the home, yet also allow for the owner to enjoy an unobstructed, incredible view in Central Virginia.  The home required over 300 feet of railing for the wrap around porch and stairway with the components cut and machined, as required, and the system largely welded and fabricated on site.

Floating Stair – Residential

This homeowner demolished their single story home down to the subfloor and build a two-story home on the original foundation. Cville Materials was asked to design, fabricate and install a ‘floating’ stairway that met the owner’s vision in their construction plan.

Steel Railings – Condominiums

The Overlook condominium decks at this popular Winter resort required replacement. The new decks were built on steel columns by General Contractor Metro Systems out of Richmond, VA. Cville Materials was hired by the GC to fabricate over 400 steel railings that were galvanized, powder coated and strung with stainless steel cable to provide the residents with a clear view of the ski slopes.

Ornate Railings – Winery

Cville Materials has fabricated railings for several wineries in the region, but Hazy Mountain Winery and Brewery wanted railings that were not only functional, but also would be an ornate focal point of the customer experience. The interior and exterior railings were designed to evoke a rustic, European feel utilizing techniques such as massive balusters, volutes and lamb’s tongues.

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